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AmidioInc.com has had a long history. Many of the original high-end music apps found in the Apple App store were created by Amidio. The times have changed, but the Apps go on. A bit slower pace as the Brand is now supported by me, Eric Elfner, a sole indie developer with so much I want to do, but only dealing with 24 hours in the day. zCage.com Apps LLC

Email: info@amidio.com

In the Fall of 2014, I acquired Amidio apps and sites from a master developer and businessman who was moving on to bigger and better things. With this acquisition, I received the Amidio brand and the remaining Amidio Apps: Futulele, OMGuitar, MINT.io, and TouchDJ.

About the same time, I also acquired the MySongbook applications (iOS and Mac) and formed my company zCage.com Apps LLC. Ever since I have been scrambling to keep up. Re-invigorating the Apps with updates for the latest iOS versions and fixing issues. During this time I learned of the other Amidio apps that had been taken down for one reason or another. Hearing such good things about Seline, I went back to the developer to buy that code as well and 2 other yet-to-re-newed Apps.

I invested some heavy effort into Seline to fix some issues and add some new features. I re-released it as Seline Redux in the Summer of 2015. It has been well received and I’ve had wonderful comments from users.

I’m still trying to figure out if there is a viable business plan that could grow out of my efforts. I’ll keep moving things forward and we will see where we go.