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Mind-blowing Groovebox for making Electronic music in realtime. This is one of the most impressive mobile music apps ever made. Download and see for yourself!
Amidio Inc (www.amidio.com), maker of Touch DJ and Futulele, has released MINT.io, a “Music In No Time” Groovebox app which defines a new era in mobile music creation. MINT.io is a revolutionary scale-based, intelligent electronic music production machine, aimed at live House, Dubstep and Breakbeat performances, built under the paradigm of one-screen interface in order to achieve maximum realtime tweak ability.

30 Second Overview

The groovebox consists of a drum synth, a bassline synth, a sample-based pond-style twin synth, an automatic pad/chord machine and a noise generator. These all benefit from pristine audio quality (CrystalClear 5.0 Ultra-Precision Audio Engine) and are stocked with modern sounds, which offer many endless hours of instant music-generation fun even for those who are new to making music.

First in the time of grooveboxes, the user is presented with an amazing, completely automatic pattern generator, which is capable of making great, highly varied beats and synth melodies! Any of the 8 patterns can be randomized with just a double tap, or the mighty Randomize All feature can be used.

MINT.io is capable of producing really impressive tracks, which can be recorded instantly to .WAV format. Speaking numbers, there are 5 sound generators, 5 filters, 20 drumkits, 20 bass presets, 32 Raindrop sounds, 16 Chord sounds, 8 patterns.


Any suggestions or comments on MINT.io, we would love to hear from you.  Email me!

Several YouTube video demonstrations. See whole playlist on YouTube, also below.

  1. Instruments in MINT.io
  2. Using the Randomizer
  3. Patter Sequencer
  4. Creating Custom Drum Patterns
  5. MIDI Extreme: 5 Channels

Features at a Glance

    • Oktane: 8-Track Drum machine
    • Menthol: Ultra Bass Synth with B.E.A.S.T. Analog-Modelled LP Filter, Wobble Control, + Slide and Octave
    • Raindrop Vibe Twins: Unique “Pond” Synth with “Freeze” feature
    • Chiller: Automatic Chord Synth with 7 Trancegate patterns and Sidechain Simulation
    • Noise Machine: Comes as an extra Master FX
    • 5 Master FX: Glitch, Synced Repeater, VibeGlitch, Noise Machine, BitCrusher
    • Channel FX: Synced Delay & Mega Reverb
    • Realtime adjustable Tempo & Swing
    • 3 Drum Styles for random generation: House, Breakbeat, Dubstep
    • 20 Modern Drumkits (House, Breakbeat, Dubstep)
    • 20 Menthol Ultra Bass sounds
    • 32 Fresh Raindrop Vibes sounds
    • 16 Lush Chiller Chord string & pad sounds
    • 20+ Built-in Scales, Edit/Transpose/Shift Scale
    • Save Menthol Synth presets
    • 4 Drum & Synth slots to save patterns
    • Solo Mode for all channelsI am text block.
    • Extra-quality, fast access LP/HP filters on each channel
    • Randomize Drum & Synth tracks by tapping twice on the ABCD buttons
    • Randomize ALL feature
    • Automatic Drum & Synth Pattern Sequencer with Polyrhythm ability

30 Second Overview




Custom Drums

MIDI Extreme