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OMGuitar 12

OMGuitar now available in 12 String Version!
Also, includes some new strumming patterns and ability to set background!




Awesome Sound Quality
OMGuitar is very playable and truly expressive. It responds to the speed of your strumming, catching the emotion of your melody. The quality of the sound is so high that it can easily be used in studio work as a quick method to produce realistic rhythm and arpeggio guitar tracks. There is a dedicated string-picking/arpeggio interface, represented as a column of 6 buttons, which can easily be played together with the string strumming interface. Note bend effect is achieved by swiping the button area.

Comfortable to Play
Version 2 brings new, simplified interface, so now anyone can play without memorizing difficult chord combinations. The chords are programmed in advance of your performance using the convenient editor and can be stored (unlimited quantity) for future use. You hold the iPad just like the real guitar and strum or pick the glowing neon strings! Moreover, you can engage the Autoplay functionality, or even support your playing with the “chuck” (string mute) effect.

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Features at a Glance

  • The best mobile guitar emulation ever!
  • Expressive playing is now possible
  • Amazing sonic quality, the sound is very impressive
  • Support external freatboard with free Amidio Remote
  • Audiobus! Use it with guitar processors!
  • Autoplay with LOTS of beautiful presets!
  • Record to .WAV, .MIDI, export to iTunes
  • Full MIDI compatibility (virtual/hardware)
  • 6 guitars (3 acoustic, 3 electric)
  • 10 On-board FX with 50 presets
  • File Manager
  • Save own chord sets

Amidio Remote Compatible

OMGuitar can also be used with the Amidio Remote App for remote fretting and chord selection.


Any suggestions or comments on OMGuitar, we would love to hear from you.  Email me.

Also, upload you songs to youtube to show us what you can do. We will try to get you featured.