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Future of Amidio.com


Amidio.com is back and moving forward.

I had previously placed amidio.com as a site off of my business zcage.com site, but it deserves so much more. First order of business was to move it here by itself. Next will be to build it out with more useful content for Amidio App users and iOS music lovers combined. Let me know your thoughts.

OMG Sound Production Options


Very rough demonstrations of options for producing sound on the OMGuitar. Look for 1) Strumming, 2) Hand slap, 3) Auto Strumming, 4) Individual string with sound bending, and 5) Auto strumming selections and BPM (Beats Per Minute) setup.

You can also experiment the the wide range of FXs! I hope to make a more professional version of this available in the future.

OMGuitar Settings Explained


The OMGuitar settings include access to the File Manager, play last recording, master volume, display options, strum patterns and strum speed. The following images should give you an idea for what can be controlled.

The Strum pattern can be selected at tested from the list. Also, set the desired strum speed.

OMGuitar Chord Sets

This is a quick overview of creating a Chord Set in OMGuitar.
A “Chord Set” is a group of chords that are available from the Chord Set selector at the bottom right of the instrument. While playing the guitar, this selector is used to choose the chord played on the guitar.
OMGuitar - Help - Chords
The Chord Set settings allow you to select, create, edit, and delete chord sets.
Here is a short 2 minute movie showing the creation of a new Chord Set.