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Amidio Remote for Futulele and OMGuitar

Amidio Remote On Futulele

Amidio Remote On OMGuitar

Amidio RemoteAmidio Remote

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This is a companion app (remote control) for our iPad apps Futulele and OMGuitar. It allows for remote fretting,chord selection. This remote app receives chord information from the iPad Futulele or OMGuitar and allows the user select chords for use.  It doesn’t produce any sound itself.

Amidio Remote Screen Example

To use, you need to have OMGuitar or Futulele running on your iPad and this Amidio Remote running on your iPhone.

The connection between the two apps is automatic. You might need to tap the (+) button in OMGuitar / Futulele to connect. Once the
connection is made, the current Chords will move from the Instrument (OMGuitar, Futulele) to the remote. The remote will now control the Chords on the Instrument. Have Fun!

If you experience lag problems, turning off Wi-Fi and enabling Bluetooth. May fix. Or vice-versa. Depends on your environment.

Email: amidio-remote-support@amindio.com for additional help.